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About us

Rambo was a Maremma hound and in his short life he was animated by a strong propensity to hunt foxes and wild boars, as his breed reflects. But given his epilepsy, he was not skilled at hunting. His determination was extraordinary and very hardly the weather conditions were a problem for him. 

Rambo taught us many qualities such as tenacity, determination and a sense of limit. He was a dog who knew how to establish a deep relationship with humans, he understood and always knew how to convey that the best things are never done alone. All those who have or will have a true, real and deep relationship with their dog will understand the weight of the words mentioned above. We want to remember him always carefree and happy as one of the photos of him shows. 

Rambo is also the joint mascot of Fised Associazione non-profitFised4Future and Fised4Shop.

With RamboRamboGo we want to continue to remember him and allow him to do more good for everyone.

RamboRamboGo is an initiative of Fised4Future