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How it works

Use RamboRamboGo without changing your search habits

RamboRamboGo is not a real search engine but you can set it as the home page in your browser in order to allow us to generate advertising revenue that will be donated half to the Good Causes present on Fised4Future o a Fised Ass. non-profit

As advertising revenue it intends to use the No Cost Donation which consists of the full viewing of advertisements such as video banners, pre-roll videos or banners. It is a new way, based only on the request for time (no request for registration, money or credit card), through which people can financially support the projects and initiatives present on Fised Ass. Non-profit and Fised4Future. Advertisers can be managed directly by Fised Ass. Non-profit, Fised4Future or come from other platforms and networks.

To directly support Fised Ass. Non-profit you can also choose to collect hearts with Rapusia‘s research, use Prizle by setting Fised Ass. Non-profit as your favorite non-profit, or you can also use the Donate with Bing program (Give with Bing), a well-known Microsoft search engine.

Among the different search engines, in addition to the most used classics, we have chosen for RamboRamboGo those that respect your privacy and those that finance Good Causes and Purposes.